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Custom Web Devlopment & Programming

  • Do you need a program designed specific to your business needs? We have experience in designing custom software solutions to meet all your business needs. Some of our previous projects include a complex EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software custom tailored to meet each individual business, a cattle load tracker for livestock purchasing and selling, and a server/network monitoring system with email and SMS alert notifications. 
  • Are you unsure of the scope of your project? We will give you a comprehensive scope document before starting a project, so you will know exactly what your program will do, and all of the included features. More features can always be added.
  • I may need extra help identifying business needs that need included in my program? We can help you with these questions and so much more. You have found a trusted business partner with us.
  • What programming languages do you support? We develop web based programs primarily in PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS and are very experienced with MySQL and other databases to securely hold your data.  
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  • FREE On-Site Network Consultation - We offer a free one-time network consultation to assess your existing network equipment and configuration, we are experts at identifying oversight, mitigating downtime, and disaster recovery solutions!
  • Wired & Wireless Network Design - We are trained and Cisco certified in network design and management. Whether you need an additional network drop run or need networking issues resolved we can get the job done right!
  • Server Maintenance - If your server is running slow and needs a little TLC, we can figure out the bottleneck that is causing the slowness and get it resolved quickly.
  • What size of business networks do you support? We currently support Small to Medium size businesses but, we would love to assess your network needs if you have a larger business.
  • My Business Needs IT Support Can I Get Special Pricing? Of course your loyalty means more to us!! If you are looking for regular weekly or monthly IT Support, we offer discounted service contracts that reward you for being our loyal customer! Contact Us for your exclusive pricing!
  • Website Design - Design a website that looks professional and works for your business needs.
  • Custom Web Application Development - When you need a specialized tool or interactive form created for your business.


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  • New Computer Setup - Got a new computer and not sure how to get it all working and transfer your data? We are your smart friend and will transfer all your files and teach you how to use your new tech at your own pace.
  • Slow Computer Tune-up - Old computer speed got you down? We are the geeks for the job and can get the old PC tuned up quickly!
  • Computer Diagnostics - Your computer acting funny lately? It turns off or reboots randomly while using it, strange pop-ups ruining your day, or giving you bizarre error messages?! Our technicians can run quick diagnostics right in the comfort of your home, if it is a more complex issue we can run advanced computer diagnostics within 1-2 business days. We always give you an estimate for repair and get your prior approval.
  • Wired / Wireless Network Setup with Security - Home network have a spotty signal and slow speeds? We are wizards of WiFi and can get your equipment upgraded, to meet today's standards for speed and signal strength.
  • Personal Data Backup to CDs, DVDs, and External Hard Drives - We take the worry out of losing your irreplaceable family photos and documents with an automated data backup solution.