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By creating a user account on the Magic Valley Pets web site and using the services offered, you also are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions with in this document.

Section 1. - Terms Of Use

By using the services offered on this web site you verify that you will never use this service for any type of fraudulent activities. Including but not limited to, accepting payment for a product or animal and not delivering the purchased items to the buyer. You also agree to not post any content in your classified ads that is vulgar, violent, pornographic, or containing any content that would illegal in any State or Country. This web site is intended for use by citizens in the United States of America only.

Section 2. - Terms Of Service

The web server that our web site runs on is monitored 24/7. Even though every effort is put forth to ensure 99% uptime, you understand that there might be a minimal amount of downtime needed for web site updates, feature upgrades, or unforeseen server issues. You agree that this minimal amount of downtime is needed to improve services and features offered by this web site. Most of the web site updates will be made seamlessly, and will not interrupt normal usage. In the unfortunate event that there is a short or extended web server outage, you agree that it is not the fault of the Magic Valley Pets web site. If you have purchased a classified ad that is affected by server downtime, you are Not entitled to any form of compensation or refund. If there is any type of compensation to be made, it is at the sole discretion of the administrator.

Section 3. - General Release of Liability

By using the services offered on this web site you here by release all liability from the Magic Valley Pets web site. You agree that any transactions and conversations between yourself and other users are solely between yourself and the other users. This web site has no part in or responsibility for the transfer of animals, products or legal tender between users. If any user is a victim of a situation pertaining or similar to any type of theft or illegal activity, you should contact your local police authorities. Any user account that is reported to be a part of any of the above actions will be suspended or terminated depending on the severity of the case.

*I have read and agree to all terms &
conditions with in the agreement:
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