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Source Port Services – Computer Repair Terms of Service Agreement




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This document is an outline of the legal agreement between Source Port Services (SPS) and it's customers. We reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time without prior notice to our customers. SPS and it’s employees strive to provide professional computer/technology services to our customers with honesty, integrity, and reliability.


Section 1. - Source Port Services Responsibilities and Guarantees

In-Home/In-Office & Carry-In Repair Service - SPS is responsible for the good care and safe operation of your computer systems while in our possession or being repaired by SPS onsite. We are responsible for any physical damage to your equipment while in our possession. We are not responsible for parts that are bad due to defect.


Section 2. - Terms Of Service for In-Home, In-Office, & Carry-In Computer Repair Service

  • Depending on the complexity of repairs needed, and parts availability for your system, some repairs will be completed on the same day. Other repairs may take a few days to a week to complete. We will let you know of these timeframe expectations after we diagnose the problems with your system.
  • By requesting SPS work on your Home or Business computer equipment you understand we will never intentionally delete any of your data files without your permission, with the exception of what are considered junk temporary/internet files, and virus/spyware infection related files.
  • If there is a possibility that your data could be corrupt or lost we will alert you immediately, and try our best to get your data off of the failing system safely, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get your data back.
  • In some situations data is unrecoverable, data backups and recovery are offered as a best effort service and are not a guarantee that we will be able to recover your data. You understand that we may perform data backups (one-time or scheduled) at your request, and you are responsible to make sure your data backups are running.
  • You hereby release Source Port Services and its employees of any liability relating to data loss due to hardware/software failure.
  • This agreement will be good continuously from time of signing while you are an SPS customer. We may request you sign it again if there are changes made in the future.
  • Payment is due at time services are rendered unless billing arrangements are made.